Cal-Con Products Co., located in Simi Valley, CA have introduced their latest labor saving product...Form-Hanger. Form-Hanger is a unique new metal stand designed to economically and accurately position wooden forms used at elevation changes when pouring post tension and conventional reinforced concrete decks. The galvanized Form-Hanger is rapidly placed in the exact detailed position on the plywood deck using Cal-Con’s Universal Installation Tool that allows placement in even the most congested rebar conditions. The wooden form elevation easily adjustable allowing usage in 6” to 14” decks. It takes only seconds to establish elevation and securely nail form in place. This system yields a cost savings of up to 50% compared to conventional methods of form placement.

Form-Hanger in the tradition of Snap-Hanger and Edge-Hanger represents Cal-Con’s ongoing commitment to reduce labor costs while improving the forming techniques used on structural decks.

Save Labor, Save Time...Save Money!